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First Day Of Fall 2024

When is the first day of Fall 2024?

First day of fall mark beginning on Sunday, September 22, 2024.

The fall beginning marks the arrival of many things starting from the picking of apples all around to enjoying pumpkin spice lattes. It is assumed that the autumn equinox marks the official beginning of fall. The word equinox is derived from the Latin word in which “Aequus” means “equal” and “Nox” means “night”. The autumnal equinox marks the beginning and end of summer and the beginning of fall. So, when is the first day of fall 2024 mark beginning on Sunday, 22 September 2024. Let’s discover the important fun facts related to falls. 

In the northern hemisphere, the fall remains for three months named September, October, and November. December is the month that marks the beginning of the winter month.

Another important question is why these months are referred to as fall months. The word fall denotes “fall” is similar to the stem getting empty due to the falling of leaves. Many people get confused between autumn and fall. This is the term that is used interchangeably. Both terms are used in American and British English. But, often fall occurs in American English and autumn is referred to more formally. Therefore, it is important to know when does fall start and when does it end is detailed below:

  • Fall 2024 – Begin on Sunday, 22 September 2024, and ends on Saturday, 21 December 2024

Why did Fall win the race over winter?

The first day of fall 2024 is the best time to break out the jacket, boots, coats, and all of the body-warming items in preparation to welcome the approaching season’s climatic change. This is the ideal time to start the preparation of hot cocoa and lighting of the fireplace. In simple, this is the time when perfection in the establishment of comfort, warmth, and reflection takes place. Concerning the survey conducted by morning consult data, it is estimated that fall is the favorite season for the majority of people. Nearly 41% of the U.S. adults made the selection of fall as their favorite season.

What happens during the fall season?

When first day of fall starts the daylight appears to become shorter and animals start to get prepared for cold and long months ahead. Fall depicts the beginning of the harvest season because of the change in climatic conditions. Leaves of the trees start to turn yellow, orange, red, and brown with the approaching time of autumn. 

Short explanations on autumn equinox:

As per the national weather service, when is fall into existence the earth’s axis appears to get tilted twice a year rendering an equal amount of daylight and darkness on the latitudes. This becomes the major cause of the occurrence of the equinox. Two of the well-known equinoxes are the autumnal equinox and the vernal equinox. The autumnal equinox describes the arrival of fall and the vernal equinox depicts the beginning of spring.

What makes the fall season special for everyone?

Fall is the season that is mesmerized by the number of holidays and festivals all across the world like Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Fall and autumn holidays are found to be highly enjoyable because they countered with the company of delicious meals, elaborate costumes, and wonderful color combinations. There are seven important holidays celebrated worldwide like Rosh Hashanah. Mawlid, Diwali, Halloween, Día de Muertos, Veterans Day, and, Thanksgiving Day. But two of the most important occasions are elaborated below:

Halloween day – Trick or treat? Halloween day is loved by all because everyone enjoys fun costumes and enjoying amazingly delicious food. This festive is mostly enjoyed by kids and observed on October 31st every year linking the living to the world of departed ones. Since it arrives after the fall harvest in North America so it shares many similarities with the autumn items.

Thanksgiving Day – Thanksgiving Day is one of the favorite holidays for people who love to gather together with friends and family. In different regions, this festive is locally celebrated on various dates. This day was first observed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942. Craving turkey, a heap of mashed potatoes, and unforgettable pie as dessert is simply unbeatable.